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Who needs to file?

You and your intended spouse will need to appear together (at the same time, in person!) at a Florida Clerk of Court location to file for your marriage license.


What ID do we need to bring?

Both will need to provide a valid picture ID such as a driver's license as well as your Social Security number or a valid passport number or I-94 card.  


What if we can’t apply in person?

If you cannot arrange to go in person to a Florida Clerk of Court during normal business hours to apply for your marriage license, you can apply for it by mail in the form of  a "Mail Away" license.  This can take up to six weeks to complete.  It requires extra paperwork, post office visits, and having your license notarized in your own local area.


Are there any other documents we need when we apply?

If you have been married previously, the date of your divorce or date of your late spouse's death must be provided.  So, either Divorce paper work or death certificate if either of those situations apply.  

I’ve heard there is a waiting period…is that true?

The State of Florida has a three day waiting period after obtaining a marriage license before a ceremony may be performed. Waiting periods may be waived if the couple takes a State approved premarital course.


How long is the license valid for?

A license is valid for 60 days before it expires.  Soooo, you must have your ceremony within 60 days.

How much will the marriage license cost?

$93.50 is the price for a marriage license in Florida.  Most locations require this payment in cash!


When should we provide the license to our officiant?

Your marriage license should be supplied to your officiant prior to the start of the ceremony.


I’m traveling in from out of state and have a marriage license from that state…can I use it?

Hold everything!  You must obtain a Florida State marriage license.  A license obtained from another state will not be usable in Florida.


Oh no…I forgot my marriage license! What do I do?

Stay calm, and carry on! If it’s at a nearby location, we can continue on with the show and meet up again later that day to sign and seal everything.  If it’s not nearby, we can meet up at a later date…just realize that the license will have a different date than the date of your ceremony and that will be the “legal” date of the marriage.


We don’t want to file a marriage license.  We just want to have a commitment ceremony or vow renewal.  Do you offer that service?

Of course!  We’ll provide you with a non-legal certificate vowing your love and commitment to one another.  This is not a legally binding ceremony.


Have more questions? 

We’re waiting to answer them for you! Feel free to Contact Us.

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