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  • What areas do you service?
    A Our Primary service area is South Florida. Our secondary areas include Naples and the Florida Keys. Getting married outside of those areas? Not to worry, we’ll travel all over Florida for weddings if we’re available for the date, though travel fees apply out of our regular area. We can also negotiate services for you through trusted affiliates in the Tampa/St Petersburg areas. While we specialize in beach weddings, we’re not limited to them if your chosen ceremony venue has a distinct lack of sand.
  • What do we need to do to get married in Florida?
    A We’ve got a whole page devoted to helping you get situated with a marriage license in the State of Florida. Check it out here!
  • Is a permit necessary to marry on the beach?
    It depends on the beach and sometimes the amount of guests at the ceremony. Let us know which beaches you have questions about, and we’ll be more than pleased to pass information along to you.
  • Can I customize one of the packages?
    A Of course! We’re here to serve you and do what we love…if one of the packages needs tweaking check out additional a-la-carte options or let us know what you’re looking for so we can make it happen.
  • Do you offer any specials or discounts?
    Yes! We offer a 10% discount to any active military members. We also offer additional discounts on Monday through Thursday dates that are not holidays. Occasionally we also offer incredible bargains on special dates in which we might have back to back ceremonies. Those bargains are most likely to be advertised on our Facebook page.
  • OK, we’d love to book your services. How do we do it?"
    Contact us by whatever means is easiest for you, confirm your package and secure the date with a deposit. The deposit will go towards the total of your package order and gets the ball rolling for us. We accept cash (signed receipts will accompany all cash payments), personal checks and all major credit cards.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    A Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Can we make changes once we’ve booked?
    A Of course! Please let us know in advance if you suspect there may need to be additions, subtractions or changes to your package/service order. That way we can stay prepared and help juggle to make sure that your event ends up being beautiful and memorable. There will be a cut-off date for changes, so please keep that in mind!
  • Can I make an appointment to meet with you in person?
    A It would be our pleasure to meet you and talk about your needs and our services. If you’re not local or we can’t get our schedules to match we can chat face-to-face via video services.
  • Do you ever offer Rehearsals?
    A If the event calls for a rehearsal, we can arrange for one. Rehearsal pricing will depend upon several factors.
  • Do you ever include kids in ceremonies?
    A Absolutely!!! We’ve got several precious ideas on how to include your children in your ceremony. Just ask!
  • Who performs the ceremonies for FL Beach Wedding?
    A We’ve got a great team and are unique in the industry that many of us wear several professional hats. Read more about each of us and our unique skill sets here!
  • Can we use our own Minister, Celebrant or Notary?"
    A We would be happy to work alongside your beloved family minister or loved one to create your special day. Let us know in advance so that we can adjust your package. Also, make sure that this person will file your marriage license as needed.
  • Are there any unexpected fees?
    A We try not to have any fees that might feel like a hidden surprise. We will have all fees laid out in the order before any deposits are accepted so that all fees and services are clear. Most commonly additional fees would for travel or obtaining a permit.
  • Are the beaches private?
    A Most beaches are public! While we cannot control other people being at the beach, we can help out by suggesting quieter beaches and less crowded dates and times to ensure that your stroll down the aisle in the sand feels romantic. Often during a ceremony other beach-goers will look on from a respectable distance. Our team does a good job of making sure that non-guests do not interfere with your ceremony.
  • What happens if it rains?
    A Florida boasts some of the most beautiful, sunny weather in the United States. Most rain storms will last only a few minutes. We’ll wait the rain out with you until it dries up again and we can continue as planned. We do recommend having a rain plan in mind if the elements do not want to co-operate. We will be pleased to travel to any secondary location to set up and continue though enough time to break down, travel and set-up again should be considered. Or if it’s needed, we can postpone to another date. Please read on that below.
  • Will tides affect our location?
    A Tides rise and fall daily and can vary from season to season. We do not currently have a schedule of the tides and might suggest information regarding tidal changes if we know a location to be prone to flooding (ie; Stranahan House during the King Tides in October). Otherwise, we do not generally have information on tidal changes.
  • What happens if the wedding is postponed?
    A In the event that the wedding is postponed, all funds will transfer towards a new agreed upon date. The only exception would be if there were lost perishable goods (ie, flowers, cakes), outsourced services or transportation costs that have already been utilized in which the company is not able to reschedule or recover funds from (an outsourced rental, travel arrangement or service which will not forgive us our funds, etc). If you believe there is a possibility that the event may be postponed, inform us as soon as you become aware. We will try to be as flexible as possible if the event must be postponed and will work with you to help get the event re-scheduled.
  • Is there a discount for serving military personnel?
    A As stated above, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount to active military personnel. This should be one of either party being married directly, and not a friend or relative. Thank you for your service!
  • Can we use our own photographer?
    A Not a problem! We can adjust your package pricing and welcome you to hire another photographer if you choose to do so. Please note that we may still take several photos of the event for our own purposes.
  • How soon after the event will we receive our photos?
    A Depending on work load, most images will be swiftly delivered via digital gallery within 4 to 6 weeks. We will typically send you a few teaser shots to enjoy and share within the first week after the wedding.
  • Can we print our own photos and use them online?
    A We will provide you with a photography release along with your digital images so that you can print and use your images online as well. Florida Beach Wedding Inc registers and holds the Copyrights to the images. This means you may not use the images for financial gain or professional publication without our express written permission and an additional purchase. As most couples are not capturing the moments from their wedding for such reasons, it is typically never an issue that arises. Questions are always welcome if you are not sure of something, so feel free to reach out to us.
  • Can we have a friend or loved one take part in our ceremony with a reading?
    A We can customize the ceremony options in many ways and will be pleased to help craft a ceremony that includes readings by others.
  • Can we have guests toss anything after our ceremony?
  • Can you arrange a wedding on short notice?
    A Sure can! Give us as much notice as possible and we’ll pull it off.
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