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Our Photography...
                               ...Your Moments

It’s not just another wedding… It’s YOUR wedding...the day you marry your best friend…a day you’ve planned for, saved for and dreamed of!  And you want to capture beautiful moments from such a special occasion.  Moments that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.  Moments that your family will hold precious long into their future.  Incredible moments. Your moments. 


Here at Florida Beach Wedding, Inc we know that “your moments” are the most important moments.  And they’re important to us, too!  We are owned and operated by wedding pros who are passionate about your experience.  Of course, photos are a huge part of that experience!  Trust that we’ll be there to use our training, skill and style to capture gorgeous images representative of your moments.


So, what is our process?  You select from a variety of packages to find the coverage that will be just right for your photography needs. On your wedding day, one of our friendly, talented photographers will arrive to do what they do best.  They will capture as many beautiful details, expressions and moments that they possibly can.  And they’ll do it with warmth and an endearing sense of humor. They will become a part of your event, being a friendly face or melting into the background as their instincts tell them to do so. They’ll help capture formal family photos and guide you how to pose.  They’ll act as a photo sniper, catching candid and intimate moments when you never even noticed them taking the shot.

We know that reality isn’t perfect! But your memories should be. 

What about copyrights? Florida Beach Wedding retains the copyrights to the images, which is a standard photography practice.  So that means you would need express written permission or make an image copyright purchase to print or showcase the images in any way that is not for personal use (ig; a commercial advertisement would require an additional transaction, copyright release, etc.).  Since most of our clients only desire their images for personal use anyways, there is rarely more to discuss on that subject and the printing release is ideal. 

All the photos from each wedding are sorted first for quality of image and composition. Then lighting, clarity and focus are considered and evaluated. Each photo is examined to determine if foreign objects (like beach goers who were swooning over the amazing couple getting married in the background) should be removed. Minor blemishes and normal skin issues are touched up, smoothed out or erased.  


Within a fluctuating timeframe of two to four weeks these winning images are uploaded to an online Gallery for viewing and selection.  There will most likely be MORE to choose from than your package covers.  You get to choose the images that you love the most from the selection available….and you still have the opportunity to purchase more than your listed package parameters! The best part? You’re under no obligation to purchase any additional images if you don’t want to.  No sales pressure, no stress…just memories!

After you are both finished making your selections, your Gallery is updated. And the next step?  You just click download.  From as many devices as you’d like. For as many times as you’d like. For up to three months after your selections are made. Delivery, made easy. 

We offer our clients a print release at no additional charge so that you may order prints of your wedding photos wherever you wish!  We don’t believe in holding the image hostage for you to order high priced prints from us.  And you are welcome to share these incredible moments on social media. (Like, OMG, that’s half the point!)

Check out our work at the Florida Beach Wedding  Instagram

Have more questions? Want to get up close and personal with your photographer?  Email us!

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