Ceremony Décor & Flowers

Wedding Ceremony décor plays a crucial role when it comes to setting the mood for your ceremony, and indeed, the start of the entire wedding itself.  It should suit the time of day, formality of the event and any themes chosen.  It should convey the feeling that you are trying to create.  Check out a few examples from our portfolio and don’t hesitate to message us with inspiration for the creative process.

Naked Bamboo

A simple Bamboo frame with sheer white fabric draping.

Luxury Canopy

Magnificent display of fresh flowers and softly draped fabric panels. A truly luxurious ceremony option.

Bamboo, Fabric and Flowers

Another rendition of our beautiful bamboo arch with white fabric and just a touch of asymmetrical flowers.

Sweet and Simple

A sweet, simple take on our bamboo arch with the ever popular asymmetrical florals sprays in a more petite size.

Rustic Wood Arch & Offset Florals

Our rustic wood arch with full sprays set asymmetrically on the beams with a rough hewn wooden walkway to the altar.

Lanterns with Cascading Flowers

An early shot of our ceremony lanterns sporting a cascade of beautiful purple blossoms.

Asymmetrical Flowers on Bamboo Arch

Asymmetrical floral sprays arranged on a bamboo arch with simple fabric accents.

Dark Wood Arch and Floral

A dark wood frame arch with asymmetrical floral sprays in pink and white with manzanita branches throughout.

Chairs Only

Chairs only, to display the cathedral of sea and sky.

Dark Wood Arch with Asymmetrical Flo

Dark wood frame arch with red roses and tropical foliage displayed asymmetrically. No fabric.

Bamboo Arch and Lantern Aisle

A simplistic bamboo arch sports small floral clusters and delicate crystal garlands while lanterns and floral cylinders line the aisle.

Dark Wood Arch with Wild Floral Spra

Our dark wood frame arch is the base for these incredible floral arrangements that drip with flowers, amaranthus and manzanita branches.

Dark Wood Arch Simply Dressed

Simple fabric and lush, yet delicate corner floral sprays show off against a dramatic sky.

Ocean Sky Arch and Floral Beam

A cascading floral beam of hydrangeas and Phaleanopsis orchids dress the permanent arch pictured.

Giant Lantern Altar

A giant lantern altar acts as an incredible ceremony backdrop, any time of day or location.

Giant Lantern Altar with Lilies

A variation of the Giant Lantern Altar with the suble accent of white Oriental Lilies.

Bamboo Arch with Tropical Flowers

The Bamboo arch with sheer fabric and asymmetrical floral sprays.

Ocean Sky Arch with Florals

Asymmetrical, fun flower arrangements dress this permanent location arch. Branches woven through the flowers add an interesting linear element.

Giant Lantern Altar with Florals

A variation of the Giant Lantern Altar with tropical greenery and florals.

Bamboo Canopy with Floral Beam

A classic Bamboo Canopy (chuppah) with a beam of red roses and tropical foliage.

Bamboo Arch

Freestanding Bamboo Arch with simple folded white fabric and tropical corner florals.

Bamboo Canopy

A detail from a Bamboo Canopy. A heavy floral beam designed for a dreamy ceremony.

Giant Lantern Altar

A naked version of the Giant Lantern Altar.

Bamboo Canopy

Variation of the Bamboo canopy with alternating fabric legs, petite floral corners, and an elegant scalloped garland of fresh orchids.

Circle in the Sand

Rustic wood ceremony table set with rental sand ceremony set is the center to this circular floral altar outlined in sand and accented with starfish.

Vintage Metal Arch

Vintage metal arch with flanking floral arrangements and garlands of crystals.

Giant Lantern Altar

Giant Lantern Altar with accents of white Oriental lilies.

Bamboo Canopy with Floral Beam

Classic bamboo canopy (chuppah) with floral beam designed in white, purple and lavenders.

Raffia Chair Markers

Braided swags of raffia are festooned with starfish and left to cascade in the breeze.

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