May 27th will be Zari's birthday! Because of the Covid19 pandemic she will not be able to surround herself with her beloved friends...YOU!  

We would like to bring love, laughter and celebration to Zari's day with the wonders of technology.  Here's how you can be included and help make it special for her:

1. Video Clip

We are asking for TWO video clips from Zari's friends.  The first one should be a joyful, happy, silly bit of dancing to a predetermined song.  (The YouTube link for the song selection is below).  And the second should be a brief Happy Birthday message (in Farsi or in English, whichever is your preference).  We will handle all the editing. 

The idea is that we are creating a Happy Birthday video montage. You do NOT need to be a professional videographer to do this.  Your cell phone and 2 brief clips should be sufficient. 

We will then take everyone's dancing clips and pair them with the song.  At the end there will be the brief birthday messages.  

Tips: Smile a lot! Wave! Dance at the table or in your living room....wherever!  Big, hand written messages on a piece of paper are encouraged as well.  We don't care about the backgrounds, just your smiling faces. Drag your husband into the video, Wear a party hat if you have it.  Just have fun and be silly and joyful.

Please send the video clips to Mani before the 25th at: 


If you need support, feel free to call Mani at (954) 793-9198. 


Once we have the videos, We'll do the rest. 

2. Zoom Call

We will share the video with Zari via a brief Zoom call (10 to 30 minutes depending on how many people join us and how conversation goes...Zoom is usually stronger in a presentation format.  So this will not be long.) on May 27th at 6pm.  If you would like to join us for the Zoom call as well and wish her a LIVE Happy Birthday, you are most welcome.  And then you'll also get to enjoy the video as she is seeing it for the first time. 

If you would like to join us for the Zoom call, please email Mani at and he will send you a Calendar reminder.   You will need to download Zoom onto your phone.  The app is free. 

3. Gifts

Some people have expressed the desire to send gifts.  If you would like to SURPRISE her, you can send your gift to her home addressed to Mani Shikhbahaei as a decoy.  On her birthday, we can direct her to open the boxes as they are for her, and not for Mani, etc. The address is 629 Maria Dr, Petaluma, CA 94954.  This is not necessary, but always appreciated. If you are one of the friends who opted to send a gift in additional to the video clips, be sure to remember to include a card or message so Zari knows who to thank later.  

Thank you for helping us honor our Mother/Grandmother and bring joy to her day! We know you mean a lot to her and that seeing your message and video clips will be a great success. :)

Mani, Brittany & Mani Jr

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