• Brittany Madon, CFD

Timing is Everything...

Hello dear readers! Today I'd like to share one of my biggest, most important tips for planning your Florida beach wedding. We have wonderful clients reach out to us all the time asking for a "secluded, private" beach. And while it is possible, sometimes factors like budget or reception location just don't make the more secluded locations a reasonable choice. So how can you work around that hurdle and enjoy a quiet ceremony on the sand?

Well, timing is everything!

We recommend either earlier in the day, or later in the day for a ceremony smack on the sand in or around a popular beach. Most beach goers hit the sand by mid morning and will stay through early afternoon before calling it a day. They taper off after 3/4pm depending on the time of year (Daylight Savings, etc). So we'll always try and suggest our clients plan for a morning ceremony before the beaches start filling up, or afterwards when the beaches become deserted in the later portion of the afternoon.

We do NOT recommend a mid-day ceremony. While all of the visitors to the beach that we have ever encountered have been respectful and kept an appropriate distance, mid-day there are just too many fascinated people and it can hinder even the best laid plans. Not to mention it is the hottest point of the day and a time of day that can cast harsh shadows. This makes our in-house photography team's job that much harder. Natural lighting is softer earlier in the morning and later in the day.

Choose the right time, sink your toes in the sand and relax! It's going to be a blast.

“The right thing at the wrong tme is the wrong thing.” ― Joshua Harris

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